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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Monday, November 3, 2014

MeLlr Music Monday: Dawn Richard New Single 'Blow'

After another failed attempt at a Danity Kane revival. Dawn is determined to make it as a solo artist as she is back to making hits on her own. With the release of the final DK album 'DK3,' Dawn begins her black era movement with a new single called 'blow,' which sounds amazing and is set to be on the singer's new solo album set for January 15, 2015 called 'Blackheart.' The album is her second solo project following in her heart trilogy, after her last solo debut 'Goldenheart.' With the help of her long time creative and business partner Kyle Cabrol, Dawn is setting a new wave for being an independent artist doing it her way, making great music and pushing the envelope. Sexy with a great voice, I mean my god, talent never looked so good. #Sexbomb... 

Check out 'Blow' visual below... 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Fast & Furious: Furious 7 Trailer Is Here...

And it is everything and more. I am freaking the fluck out.. #riptheamazingpaulwalker
#actionpack #funfast #lafamilia #teamfurious #April315 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Brunch Recipe: Cast Iron Zucchini Egg Pizza

Hey guys, today I woke up and I thought I would give myself a little treat and enjoy some awesome brunch. By the way, I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday. Ok, so I decided to make not just some same old egg omelette and toast, I made zucchini topped egg pizza. I wanted something hearty, but healthy and something I know I would really enjoy and I really enjoyed making it and of course eating it. Certainly, anyone can try this recipe at home and get really creative with it and use whatever veggies they want. This is a really quick and easy recipe for even all non cooks out there. Check out the recipe below....

4 Eggs
1 Zucchini (Organic)
splash of Milk 
1 tbs butter
Salt and pepper (to taste)

*Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.

*Wash Zucchini really well rubbing skin under running water. 
*TIP_ Whenever I use veggies where I am eating the skin like Zucchini, I buy them organic because of the fact that they are grown naturally and a lot saver than all the conventionally grown veggies out there. Also, they are more nutritious and the taste a lot better.

* Slice Zucchini in bite size pepperoni slices, then set aside for later.

*Crack eggs in a bowl, discard shells.
* Add splash of Milk.
* Add salt and pepper, then whisk together till all combine.

*Now heat a cast iron skillet
* Once hot, turn off stove top and add butter.
* Once butter has melted and skillet has been coated evenly with butter, add in Zucchini, make sure they are all flat and not laying on top of each other. 

*Now you can turn on stove top on medium heat and let the Zucchini soften and both sides or to your desire.

*Add combined eggs evenly in skillet, make sure lower the heat first. Once eggs set, take your skillet and pop it in the oven and bake for about 10 to 15 minutes.

* Take out and cool, slice and enjoy with some toast:-)